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About us

I’m Catherine Grainger, founder of Choose Consulting (est. 2024). Our name ‘Choose Consulting’ reflects that we all choose our own attitude, our destiny, our ability to have a great day. Our skills and capabilities are not fixed, we can choose to improve them at any time!

Experienced in the Industry

After years of up-skilling marketing, sales and commercial teams, and driving engagement activities in SME and blue chip companies, I’ve come to realise that soft skills are anything but ‘soft’. Improving the productivity, the energy and the attitude of teams can have the biggest impact on your culture… plus your ability to attract, retain and develop talent. And ultimately your performance in growing and delivering profit and shareholder value.

Master those
important soft skills

If you’re looking for soft skills trainings targeted at sales and marketers, to enhance team-working, positive energy and empathy, let’s talk! I thrive on identifying gaps in an organization’s soft skills, and then bringing teams together to improve collaboration and engagement. Because ‘soft’ skills lead to hard outcomes!

Let’s talk about how we can help you!