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Customize your

If it’s a specific soft-skill you’d like to address, the themes below are high energy trainings that are ready to deliver live in your organization from £500. Each training is customizable depending on your needs, and if you don’t see the topic that’s right for you, we can also develop bespoke trainings to meet your needs. It’s time to choose where you want to make a difference, today!

Virtual presentation skills

In our ‘Virtual Presentation skills’ short course (60-90 minutes) we share how to drive engagement in virtual meetings, how to structure your presentations for maximum impact and how to increase influence when all your interactions are virtual.

Participants will leave the course with improved knowledge of the difference between face to face and virtual presentations, plus actionable tips, tricks and tools to improve their virtual interactions.

Choose Empathy

Empathy is not just a buzzword. According to Forbes it’s THE most important leadership skill for innovation, engagement and retention. Empathy enables us to put ourselves in the shoes of another person and experience their feelings. Learn how an increase in organizational empathy can have direct results on team-building and performance!

Strengthen your
empathy muscle

In our ‘Choose Empathy’ short course (60-90 minutes) you will learn about ‘Empathy for Teamwork’, including building empathy in virtual connections, ‘Empathy as a Growth Driver’ and a key skill in innovation, sales and marketing and ‘Empathy for Leadership’, including techniques to build your empathy muscle.

The ‘Choose Empathy’ Face to Face course (1 day) is delivered at your office or preferred location, and dives much deeper into the topic of empathy, providing opportunities to get practical with tools and techniques.

Contact us if you’re interested to discuss the topic of empathy in your organization.

Choose Productivity

There are hundreds of courses out there on Time Management. Actually ‘Time management’ is a misnomer – no one can effectively manage time. It marches on with or without our control! What we can manage is ourselves. Do you or your teams feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to prioritize what really matters? Do you often reach the end of a day, frazzled but without having ticked off anything on your ‘to do’ list?

Take control of
your productivity

This short course (60-90 minutes) on productivity is precisely for those who report they’re ‘too busy’ for training. We’ll look at some tips and tricks for putting you back in control of your workload, and will help you prioritize your most critical activities. We’ll also examine procrastination – why we do it, how to be mindful of it and how to work through it! Interested?

Choose Resilience

These are extraordinary times in business. Volatile markets caused by geo-political instability. The Covid ‘hangover’ which has contributed to declining markets and record levels of inflation. The isolation and lack of employer ‘connectedness’ which can result from prolonged remote working. There’s a plethora of research and news articles on ‘avoiding burn-out’ and managing stress/anxiety, such that even if we’re feeling OK, we might feel like negative mental health could ‘strike’ at any time! Perhaps it’s time to turn the rhetoric around and choose resilience. Choose positive habits that will help us feel great 80% of the time, and successfully manage the 20% of time when we are challenged.

Practical tools to help you bounce back

This short ‘Choose Resilience’ course focuses on positive mental health and resilient habits that will increase your overall wellbeing, and your ‘bouncebackability’. It encourages participants to see the control they have of their mindset, with actionable tools to use when times get tough. Contact us to learn more.

Choose Growth Mindset

You’ve probably heard the Henry Ford quote “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right”. Our mindset is often our most crucial influencing factor on our success – more important than our skills, competencies or network. The good news is that Growth Mindset can be learnt, and it’s never too late to develop yours!

A corporate mindset
for growth

The Choose Consulting module on Growth Mindset is a 60-90 minute virtual training course that challenges your teams to examine their own mindset. We explore the plasticity of our brains, the neuro-science surrounding the topic of mindset, and situations in which your teams can overcome a tendency towards fixed mindset.

Choose Vitality

We all know ‘those people’ who seem to have life nailed. They’re unfailingly positive, bounce back from adversity, accelerate their careers, have time for others, and ‘shine’ with positive energy … kind of annoying, hey?! So instead of envying them, join them! Most people have the capability to improve their health, their mindset, their career and their relationships. It takes a shift of mindset and the consistent application of healthy habits, and it can be done.

About the

In the short ‘Choose Vitality’ course we’ll examine some of the habits that may be holding your teams back. And we’ll show them some new HABITS™ that should improve energy levels and their zest for life. It all starts with mindset. Are you ready to examine the mindset in your organization?

WFH like a boss

‘WFH’ is here to stay, with 44% of UK workers working remotely in 2023 (Source: ONS) and many companies adopting a hybrid model combining office and remote working following Covid. But how do you ensure your workers thrive when working at home, with the same communication skills and levels of influence as in F2F interactions?

About the module

In our ‘WFH like a boss’ short course (60-90 minutes) we examine the tools and framework that can bring structure and discipline to working from home. We discuss how to avoid procrastination and how to boost your energy and motivation so WFH becomes a ‘win-win’ for both you and your organization.

Let’s talk about how we can help you!