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Training for
sales teams

Sales teams have had a tough time of it recently! Transitioning large parts of the customer journey online means the salesperson gets involved increasingly later in the sales process. The ability of most customers to do their own research means the salesperson is seen less as a critical source of knowledge.

Adapting to
Hybrid Sales

The sudden switch from in-person to virtual selling during Covid, and now a curious hybrid mix which means salespeople need to excel both virtually and in-person. And that’s to say nothing of the impact of AI on sales!

The relevance of the salesperson

The good news is that salespeople still have a crucial part to play. Provided they demonstrate emotional intelligence, empathy, great listening and even better story telling skills. In addition to the ‘old school’ skills of negotiating, closing and selling value, of course.

The virtual training courses below will help develop the soft skills of your sales teams, and instill in them the right mindset for success.


Virtual presentation skills


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WFH like a boss

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Sales Group Coaching

Individual and group coaching

Our sales coaching groups are for sales managers who lead teams and want a refresher on coaching skills, or how to get the most from their people. Alternatively, Choose Consulting can facilitate group coaching with sales teams on a particular topic, for example growth mindset, virtual presentation skills, effective communication: From £500+VAT per session (up to 12 attendees). Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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